Allyson and her husband Colin took care of our son for almost 2 years and we were sad to leave them. The care they provided was excellent and our son was always very happy with them and they really helped his personality come out as well as helping him to develop in the educational side of things. Tinytots always provided a regular update on his progress and we ended up with a very useful book showcasing all the things he achieved during his time there.

The setup of tinytots really is a best of both worlds as it is both a home and also quite nursery like with a playroom at the back of the house which is for the children full of toys, books and other games. It's always kept spotlessly clean and our son was a very keen tidier so he helped keep it that way! The playroom also leads onto a garden with a playhouse and enough room for a sand and water table as well as a big inflatable water slide in the summer. They keep the garden nice and shady and were in the process of renovating the space when our son left so it is no doubt even better now.

Allyson and Colin are very professional and experienced childminders and we were lucky to have found them. They provide excellent care in a safe, quiet and calm environment and also healthy meals for the children. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a childminder in Cambridge.


Jason 5 May 2019

Our son had a great childcare experience with Allyson and Colin for two months. The only reason we stopped going to them was because we moved away from Cambridge. Jack always came back happy from theirs. They were always very responsive and we felt reassured when he had a cold that Allyson was happy to give him Calpol [she asked us to sign a consent form for this, one of the many signs of a very high level of professionalism]. They always gave us a useful verbal report on how he had got on during the day, and any wet or solid nappies, and how he fared with his food. The space they have for children is very well-equipped. After some stressful childcare experiences, it was a huge relief for us to find Allyson and Colin and to simply not worry about childcare anymore, and know that Jack was in safe and capable hands. If only more childcare providers could be like Allyson and Colin!


Mishka 20 December 2017

We have been blessed to have Allyson and Colin child minding our 2 sons for the past 16 months. They are reliable, professional, caring and hard working. They have helped our youngest go from a stumbling toddler to a running, chatting, happy little boy. They have helped build our older son’s confidence and writing and drawing skills.

The professionalism, organized and expert approach at Tiny Tots is a highlight. The extensive notes, the planning and the documentation of the children’s achievements has given us as parents a better understanding of their developments and what should happen next in their progression. We were kept informed and given advance notice of events and changes. Their forward planning and advance notice helped tremendously as we planned our own schedules. They are very welcome to speak to us about concerns and give advice.

Our sons both enjoyed spending time at Tiny Tots. They enjoyed the garden, the toys and the playhouse. The occasional swimming pool and the wet play time was a highlight of the summers. They enjoyed taking walks by the river and feeding the ducks. They easily made close friends with the other children also attending Tiny Tots. As parents, it was really nice to have so many pictures and crafts be brought home at the end of the day.

We would gladly recommend Allyson and Colin of Tiny Tots to any parent who is looking for a professional, development driven, loving and caring environment.


Helena 29 July 2017

We came to Allyson and Colin after some stressful experiences with unreliable Nanny's and childminders. [This review is only after a few days of our son being looked after them; we will post another review later on]. From our first contact they were responsive, knowledgeable and competent. When we visited we were struck by the calm, caring and organised atmosphere of their set up. Allyson and Colin are extremely qualified at looking after children and this is very evident from their formal qualifications but most of all how they have looked after our son. Like many other parents we were anxious about leaving him with people with didn't know. But he has returned from their care happy and contented and we now wish we had pursued this option earlier! It really makes a huge positive difference to his experience of being a small growing person and our experience as parents with full-time jobs. We would highly recommend them and would be happy to provide a more detailed reference.


Mishka 13 June 2017


My son enjoyed his 6 months at Tiny Tots. Unfortunately we moved houses and sadly had to change him to other childcare providers. To date, my son still talks about Allyson, some days he begs if he could go back to Allyson's place. My son loved everything about Tiny Tots including the food. I highly recommend Tiny Tots to all mums out there looking for childminding services. It is a lovely place, always sparkling clean, very safe and Allyson and her husband are very cheerful and loving people. You are guaranteed of child safety, well-being, healthy eating and happiness. Once again, thank you Tiny Tots for creating everlasting memories for my son.


Margaret 17 May 2017

Tinytots gave me the best of both worlds, the home from home care that I was looking for with all the amenities of a nursery. 
When I found Allyson & Colin I had all but given up finding a childminder I liked to care for my two children, I wanted someone caring and dedicated with experience of children with additional needs as I have a son with A.D.H.D.
I was looking for someone who would take the time to work with him and give him the attention he needed.
When I visited the setting I was pleasantly surprised at how calm and relaxed it was with all the children in their care playing happily in the dedicated playroom, they had lots of space to move around and play and it is brightly decorated with a vast range of toys and equipment taking account of the ages of all the children in their care. 
Tinytots also has a nice garden with a playhouse and lots of outside equipment for the children to enjoy, which had just been fitted with Astro Turf which made the garden very child friendly and safe.
Both my boys were very happy at Tinytots and never wanted to leave when I came to collect them, they are both at school full time now but still enjoy going to Allyson & Colin in the holidays.
I would highly recommend Tinytots to any parent wanting good quality childcare delivered by a dedicated, caring and very experienced childminder.


miadawn1 13 October 2014

I know Allyson and Colin from when I left my son Alexandre in their care when he was 10-month old.
Finding childcare can really be a daunting task. You don't want to leave your precious one in the hands of someone who won't look properly after him. Nurseries sounded to me too noisy, too many too much at the same time for a baby.
Allyson comes with a lot of experience working with children at school but also as a childminder and in particular special needs children. Alexandre loved going to "Allyson and Colin" house. When I came on my first visit it seemed so nice, quiet with people with time dedicated for the children. They have modified the house to include a dedicated suite just for the children that really looke like a classroom. They attitude towards safety is also remarquable. They accomodated my requirements with food (as French we have slightly different habits) but also Alexandre was always well looked after with a very well documented learning journey including photos, stories and even the video of his first steps which was really nice. Alexandre really blossomed in their care. We then moved and sadly the location wasn't practical for us anymore. I never managed to trust another childminder where I am now and my children went to nursery which is different. We are still in contact though and they are always willing to help if I need some care for both my children.

I definitively recommend the setting if you want your little one to be well looked after in a quiet and caring environment with motivated and dedicated carers.


pentanet. 25 September 2014

We chose Tiny Tots because it combined the small, homely feel of a childminders with the professionalism of a nursery setting. There is a huge range of toys and learning materials available and everything from healthy meals to fun activities is prepared carefully to cater for each child's needs. Our daughter was not used to being looked after by other people but settled in amazingly quickly thanks to the care and dedication of Allyson and Colin.


MattandA  31 August 2014

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Lilly. She has been transformed from a very shy, quiet little girl into a very confidelt toddler since she has been coming to you. You have shown her nothing but patience, praise and fairness and she is a much more well adjusted child as a result. Words cannot express the gratitude we owe you. We eill miss you both a lot, and be sure that if and when we return to Cambridge, we can think of no-one better to look after our children.

All the best for the future.


Laura & Antoine Gautier  20 February 2012

I have never used childminders before, always choosing to use a nursery as I believed it would offer better care, however since Olivia has been with you (Allyson) and Colin I have been more than impressed with her care. She practically squeals with excitement when she knows she is coming to TinyTots. She always has a happy face when I collect her, and I know that her development has been greatly assisted by you (Allyson) and Colin. She has better table manners than her 5 yr old sister. Thank you both for the care you have provided for Olivia. She is my youngest and is very precious to me, knowing that she is being looked after by both you (Allyson) and Colin gives me reassurance and enables me to work without worrying about her wellbeing. Thank you both.


Marcy Nichols  17 October 2011

I have known Mr Colin James as a childminder looking after my twins for almost 10 months. As a matter of fact I have used the nursery and other childminder, but I must admit he is the most loving and caring person I have ever made.

Colin keeps to time, organised and very hygienic as my twin girls have never had any stomach bug in relation to food. Colin always asked for consent in anything he would want to do with my girls and most importantly he keeps everything that has got to do with them confidential. My girls have had lots of input from Colin and they just love him and usually miss him on their days off.

Knowing Colin for who he is, I will not hesitate to recommend him to other parents.

Your Sincerely


Raheal Alia  5 June 2010

Dear Allyson & Colin

Just wanted to wish you both a very Happy Christmas. As you can see from the attached pix, Taanaye is quite a big boy now. He can count to 20, sing his alphabet, knows his colours and can ask for most things he wants - none of which would have been possible had we not brought him to you at the start of the year.

Many thanks again - we'll always be grateful for your vital role in our little man's early stages.

Much love & best wishes


Paul, Tafa & Taanaye  10 May 2010

My son Charlie (aged 9) has been in the care of Allyson and Colin (TinyTots) for nearly a year and has grown very fond of his childminders very quickly.

Charlie was recently diagnosed with dyslexia (something I have alway suspected) and with the help of Allyson and Colin I was able to raise the issue with his school. As a result of that, he is now getting the extra support he need and is making great progress.

Allyson and Colin have also implimented a homework scedule which they do with Charlie every afternoon and we are now starting to see a substantial improvement in his reading and writing. Charlie has alway struggled at school because of his dyslexia, but the support from Allyson and Colin has been invaluable.

I have always found Allyson and Colin very approachable and I feel very comfortable with them. They always make time to have a chat with me and keep me informed at all times on Charlies progress and, if they have any concerns, we always come up with a soluition.

As much as Allyson and Colin help Charlie with his school work, they also know how important having fun is and they alway find a happy ballance between the two.

I have been working full time for over a year now and when I first started work I was extremely apprehensive because I had to arrange childcare which I never needed before. My son was also nervous because he wanted me to pick him up from school and look after him but it took him only a few days to get used to the change of routine and got on immediately with Allyson and Colin. In fact Charlie never wants to leave their house when I pick him up after work! I can only express excellent feedback about Allyson and Colin and I have no issue in recommending TinyTots to any parent!


Zoe Horsley 25th November 2009

We started to use TinyTots Childminders in March 2009 on a part time basis, 3 days a week. We were initially quite apprehensive about finding a childminder as our daughter was only 8 months old and we had no personal recommendations. However after visiting Allyson a couple of times we were reassured that this was the right childcare for our daughter. Although the transition could have been difficult, we found that Allyson and Colin strived to make it as easy as possible, which was helped by trial days before our contract officially started.

Allyson and Colin are organised and efficient with their administration, and all of the necessary policies and procedures in place. The home environment works well for our daughter, the house is always clean and tidy and she has enjoyed the home cooking that is provided from a 4 weekly rotating menu. There is a wide range of toys and activities on offer both indoor and outdoor in the garden in nicer weather, as well as other outings. She thoroughly enjoys being around the other children of different ages in Allyson and Colin's care, playing and undertaking activities with them as well as taking part in everyday routines, such as picking up and dropping off some of the other children from nursery.

We receive regular verbal feedback from Allyson and Colin, sometimes regarding the activities that have been undertaken during the day, but also on how our daughter is progressing and developing. It is also a benefit that Allyson has accredited status as this means that when our daughter is old enough, we will have the option to continue using Allyson for those hours instead of a nursery.

Something that we have also found extremely helpful is the flexability that Allyson and Colin are willing to provide if they are able to do so, and wherever possible they have accommodated us when we have requested to temporarily change hours or days.

We have found that Allyson and Colin are at all time professional, welcoming and above all have our daughter's best interest and well being in mind. Therefore we would not hesitate to recommend TinyTots Childminders to other parents. If any prospective parents wish to contact us regarding further information, we would be more than happy to try and help.


Eleanor and Peter Tod  18 November 2009

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