Physical Contact

As an Ofsted registered Childminding setting we are aware that each child has different needs. Some children like to be affectionate and show it through hugs, kisses others are not so tactile. We are happy to hug, kiss (head or cheek) hold hands, cuddle and tickle your child providing you and your child are happy with this. We would never force a child to do any of the above if it made them feel uncomfortable.


We will only restrain a child if they are at risk of harming themselves or others, we will restrain a child if they try to run into the road etc. If we do need to restrain a child we will document it in our incident book and ask you to sign the record and you will be given a copy. This is to protect all parties.


We will also need to have physical contact with your child in order to ensure hygiene routines are carried out, for example the washing of hands or faces and wiping of noses’ we are happy to assist with toileting according to the age and stage of ability of the child and to change nappies if required. When necessary we will change a child’s clothes if they have an accident. Please also see our policy on potty training.




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